Healthy & Happy Membership

Why do something alone when you can be part of a supportive community? With this membership you will receive 1:1 coaching from me AND be part of a community with like minded women who have the same goals…a healthy lifestyle!!

This is not a quick fix, 6 or 8 week program and then you are sent on your way! You probably know by now that it takes time (and patience!) to adapt a new lifestyle…we’re forever adjusting, evolving, learning and growing…the Healthy & Happy Membership will provide you with support, guidance and accountability to keep you successful and focused on your goals for a healthy lifestyle for life!

Your monthly membership you will include:

*Access to a private Facebook group

*1:1 coaching within the Facebook group

*Weekly content that will focus on nutrition, mindset, hormones and other important topics

*Bi-monthly Live Q&A’s where you can get answers from me to all your questions



It’s time for you to take care of yourself…you are just as important as your children, husband, mom, dad, etc…if you aren’t healthy & happy, ain’t nobody healthy & happy!